Story 3

Something about Tammy

What, who’s that, Motor City Josh? I’ll tell you in one of the next stories who he is and how we found him. But now, I’ll talk about Tammy.
An adventure like ours had to finish with something special. That’s why we visited the Motown Studio Museum in Detroit. It was the last day of two busy weeks. We were tired and emotionally inside out.
Our museum guide was smart and funny. He spoke – especially for a guy like me with two bad ears and also bad language skills – too fast and too complicated.
It was a shame because others on the tour had a great time and they laughed over and over again. And I – I bravely tried to laugh as well.
I understood only a few words but enough to catch something about the first song ever recorded at this place: “Tammy” by Debbie Reynolds.
Now, you ask yourself “Is this worth mentioning?” And I reply ” Just wait!”
You know, in Autumn 2016 my sister-in-law sent me a message: “Hey, we’re here in Fenton in our local BBQ Bar listening to a live blues band. Come on over once and play here too!”
And that’s the reason why we did our band trip to Detroit.
I wonder if my sister-in-law was named Tammy because of this song – I’ll have to ask her…