Story 4

Through the UP

Sometimes you know what you have to do right away, without question or hesitation.
The morning after our show at the Blue Goose Inn in Detroit I met Tammy for breakfast in Fenton . The day before, Tammy had flown from Japan to Detroit and drove 180 miles from home and back to join our show. In other words she was 30 hours without sleep.
And now we were together, sipping our coffee, staring at the ham and cheese croissants and were wondering if we should eat them. One word led to another until we talked about Tammy’s plans for the next few days: driving to her parent’s farm in Wisconsin, departing in one hour!

mackinac bridge
Photo © Peter Hungerbuehler

And I immediately knew I had to go with her, without having spent a single thought or word on it before.
Truth be told my band members were very “surprised” and I had to answer a lot of questions. In the end Luca helped me book my flight back.
So Tammy and I left Fenton and drove 240 miles north over the Mackinaw bridge

and 260 miles west through the UP.
We talked, we laughed, we sang, we cried. It was a wonderful time with my sister-in-law, the godmother of my youngest son, Tammy. Her hands flew, her eyes wandered, everywhere – but not ahead, and I thought : “Don’t worry Peter, she’s a helicopter pilot, she can drive a car…!”