The Detroit Experience

Purple Lights are just back from Detroit, the heart of Motown, Blues music and car industry.
We left Switzerland with our songs in our mind, one bass guitar, one purple and two regular suitcases, an uneasy feeling inside and summer clothes outside.
Fenton, a beautiful little town 50 miles away from Detroit, was our base camp. Thanks to the two beds, a couch and an 80 bucks Walmart mattress in the base ment, we slept all there. All neighbours held us a warm welcoming there and they were our good angels in every case.
Soon we visited the Sound Shop Studio in Macomb and met Motor City Josh, a great musician and sound engineer. The next few days he supported us with all our ideas and projects. Like a mountain guide he brought us safely and together to the top and back.
“Keep it simple and figure it out” was our creed.

Tosha Owens, a famous blues singer in Detroit, who we met on our first show in the Blue Goose Inn, came to the studio to sing “I will never let you down” in a duet with us.
In these five days we recorded and mixed six own songs successfully.

One evening we let the pigs fly in our show at the Beale Street BBQ Fenton downtown, Bolognaise and Head banging included.

Time runs fast and we were sad to leave but happy to go home!

See you soon guys, we’ll be back

Purple Lights