Story 1

The purple Suitcase

“I’ve got a purple suitcase.” Andy was convinced, that he is the one and only far and near in the Detroit airport with a purple suitcase, and so were Urs and I. I mean, is there anybody on earth with a purple suitcase? An incredible color for luggage.
Anyway, we were waiting by the luggage carrousel and who would have thought, one by one more purple suitcases were riding on it, only Andy’s was still missing.
“Hey, there it is!” Andy spotted a big one, which popped up on the carrousel. “What, that one, the BLUE one? Andy, that’s not purple, that’s dark blue!”

“Look, Andy, this one or that one is purple, but not yours!”

And then, in the rental car office, where we were waiting for our car, I sat there and a lovely family with three little girls came in, and with them three- yes!- three purple suitcases….. It was really funny….