Story 2

What the he… he’s talking about

Blue Goose Inn, St. Claire’s shore. Sunday night is usually open jam time.
But on the second of July 2017 it was different – a Swiss blues band was performing for the first time there. But nobody knew it. That’s why everybody who came was a musician of some sort or another wanting to play. Best requirement for our first show in a foreign country. The expectations were high, our nervousness as well.
“Come on, let’s do what we can!” With this attitude we stepped on stage.
You know, nobody in Switzerland cares about the lyrics and my little mistakes. But here in the States, I realized right away it’s different. Sure, this circumstance didn`t help me to remember the right words. They knew every word in every cover song we did that night. It was really hard!

” The next song we play for you is a Rock’n’Roll song, it`s called: further UP ON the road!” And a big smile came onto Motor City Josh’s face, as he commented with the words : “What the hell he’s talking about!”